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$50.00 Come As You Were in High School Party Board

$25.00 Scholarship Fund Donation

Support the Wilson Scholarship Fund and help offer multiple scholarships to college-bound seniors each year. Donations are fully tax deductible. Fill in your donation amount next to your bidder number and name. Thank you for your support!

Cash Donation Amount

This year, online donations and our Paddle Raise at the event will be used to offset potential staff/faculty cuts in the coming school year. Thanks!

$ .00

The Wilson Foundation raises money to fund teaching positions, decreasing class sizes and providing a diverse range of electives. The Foundation is the only entity that can pay for staff, and your contribution will help mitigate the 6 positions that are being cut from Wilson next year. Each position that is restored has a ripple effect that benefits all of the students. Your support is what makes this possible. Together, our contributions strengthen the Wilson community and maximizes opportunities for every individual student.

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Our auction benefits many different groups, teams, and clubs at Wilson High School. The coaches and club leaders would love to know how many of "their" parents are committed to coming - so let us know which team or club you want us to "credit" you to.
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